Course Instructions


Welcome to the Sports Physiotherapy Online Course!

Just a couple quick things before beginning about the layout of the on-demand webinar and how to make sure you can access your personalised certificate when you finish the webinar.


At the end of each lesson (including this one) make sure that you click the “mark complete” button. So what this will do is allow you to tell our system that you have completed that bit.

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The Certificate

Once all the lessons are completed (green ticks on left side next to each lesson) then you will be able access your personalised certificate which can be found on this webinars home page OR on your account page under “courses” next to the course/webinar. This will always be stored on your account at Clinical Physio so you can download/print it whenever you want for your professional portfolio.

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As always if you need to get in touch with us then you can direct message us on Instagram @clinicalphysio, contact us from the menu above or send us an email through to and we will happily sort any issues or queries you might have. With that said… Enjoy the webinar!

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