Optimal Assessment and Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain

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Dr. Simon Lack


Dr. Bradley Neal


Dr Simon Lack and Dr Bradley Neal from Team PFP are right at the very top when it comes to Patellofemoral Pain knowledge and research. Learn from the very best in this absolutely brilliant course!

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This hybrid approach course combines online learning with a practical face-to-face teaching event in London on Saturday 27th April 2024. It will also include the use of clinical scenarios (vignettes) for you to complete both before and after the course to put your learning into action!

This training course is being run as a part of a research study designed by Dr Lack and Dr Neal focussing on how this hybrid approach to teaching improves learning. As a result, the course is discounted from £149 to just £99 for those happy to participate in the research study on this hybrid approach to teaching!


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Discounted to just £99 for consent to participate in research trial

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Student, Junior or Early Senior Therapists

About This Course

This innovative course integrates online education with an in-person workshop in London on Saturday, 27th April 2024. Participants will engage with online clinical scenarios (vignettes) before and after the session to apply what they’ve learned in a practical context.

Offered as part of a research project by Dr. Lack and Dr. Neal, which examines the effectiveness of blended learning methods, this training is available at a special rate of £99 instead of the usual £149. This discounted price is a subsidy we are able to extend to those willing to take part in the study on this educational approach.

Being a Research Participant

If you are willing to be a research subject then please click on “Research Trial Participant”. This will take you to an online form to fill in which will contain all the details about what information is used in the research project so that you can make an informed decision to be involved.

If you would NOT want to be a research subject then you can absolutely still attend this course but please click on the button below which states “NOT Research Trial Participant”. 

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