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Here at Clinical Physio, we have been working for many years on building the best educational resource around for Physiotherapists. We’ve now hit a major milestone of having 100 webinars on our Membership Platform!

To celebrate, we wanted to bring the same level of quality and dedication in teaching to you all… Hence, The Clinical Summit; Representing all that Clinical Physio strive for in one incredible day!

20 Expert Speakers, across all major fields of Physiotherapy, with choice of whichever talks you would like to watch!  

What the day entails?

Who is the Summit for??

We have Speakers and Topics to account for all viewers, whether you are just starting your career or whether you are honing your specialist skills as a Senior Therapist; Whether you are focussed on one particular field, or whether you are interested in all areas! 

Representing Clinical Physio in one day! 

Offering the best we can to help you become the best you can! 

Webinars on the day

STREAM 1 - inpatients

Join Respiratory Specialist and Associate Professor Jodie Bryant as she guides you through this key topic for anyone working on the Intensive Care Unit!

Join Orthopaedic Consultant Mr Ray Chari to be guided by the best Orthopaedics teacher we know, on some top tips to develop your speciality in reading X-rays in Orthopaedics! 

We are delighted to have Liv Tenberg, a Specialist who has worked in all areas of Neurology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, talk to you about her key rehab focusses when working with Neuro Patients!

Adam Nolan, who specialises in Respiratory Physiotherapy, will be guiding you through the Physiology of Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Therapy within Sputum Retention, with key things to understand relevant to different oxygen modalities including Humidified Oxygen, CPAP, Nasal High Flow and more!

As a therapist who has developed a Speciality in Outpatient Respiratory Physiotherapy, join Katy Smith to be guided through the key principles when working with these patients including key assessment tips and common breathing patterns you will see. 

Following her brilliant talk with us on Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab, we are absolutely delighted to be able to invite Dr Enya Daynes back to talk to her about a real passion of hers. Fascinating topic which has huge implications for a patient’s long term health, exercise choices and psychology!

Join Specialist Neuro Physio Rebecca Walters for this fabulous talk on this treatment method which be applied to so many Neurological Patients and Conditions!

STREAM 2 - inpatients and beyond the hospital

We are absolutely inspired by this amazing physiotherapist and her incredible focus on leadership and equality. In this presentation, Rachael will be talking to us about the key pillars of Leadership within healthcare and why it matters to everyone!

Ideal for anyone looking to develop further specialist skills in Intensive Care and Critical Illness Rehab, join Ashwin Upadhya, Clinical Lead Physiotherapist in Respiratory High Care. 


We are delighted to invite Holly Van Ristell to talk about patients and their physiotherapy intervention following surgeries like Pneumonectomies, Lobectomies and more!

With more and more services reliant on Community Therapy, we are thrilled to have Justine talk about some of the key considerations and clinical reasoning for patients you will see in this setting.

As a Specialist Therapist working in a CF unit, we have Nicole Petch to talk about the most important facets for assessment, treatment and reasoning of these patients

We are delighted to be joined by Peter Finnigan, a physiotherapist who specialises in Glycolytic Storage Diseases and Rhabdomyolysis. This condition with potentially devastating effects on patients can present in Inpatient, Outpatient and Community Settings, and thus a great talk to watch with so much to consider.

STREAM 3 - Musculoskeletal

If there is one person to talk to us about the Hip, it is the one and only Hip Physio! Join Mehmet in this brilliant talk focussing on Femoro-Acetabular Impingement Syndrome… a constant discussion in Physiotherapy!

As a Specialist GP in Sports Medicine, Dr Jack Hurley is perfectly placed to present to you on the key blood tests and markers on evaluation of Musculoskeletal Pathologies.


Join Upper Limb Specialist Physio Marie Welch to talk about the key red flags to look out for at the shoulder, with the most common signs and symptoms to help your diagnosis.

Join Jake from the Nerdy Physios in this fantastic presentation. We know more and more in MSK about the importance of key contributors to MSK health, other than the patient’s actual pathology! As a Therapist who focusses on treating holistically, Jake is a great teacher to learn from

Whilst you constantly hear about guidance and protocols for patients who have had an ACL Reconstruction, Adrian will be focussing on most important assessment and treatment considerations for those undergoing conservative management following their injury. As an ACL and Running Specialist Physiotherapist, we know this will be a brilliant talk to attend!

In this talk, we have FCP Charlie Clements to talk about this important neurological condition focussing on anatomy, differential diagnosis and management.

Join Nerdy Physio Daniel to talk about this vital topic in rehabilitation. With a lot of recent research talking about the links between cognitive decline and morbidity, we are delighted to have Dan present some new considerations when working with this group.

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