Upper Limb Radiology Handbook


Handbook for the Upper Limb Radiology Webinar. In this 27 page handbook you will be taken through all the common fractures of the upper limb and how to assess these with clinical reasoning throughout. It is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD so once you purchase this product you will gain immediate access by a private download link. Thank you for supporting Clinical Physio!

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This Upper Limb Radiology Handbook takes you through the common fractures of the upper limb. This handbook supplements the online webinar on Upper Limb Radiology, however, it can be purchased as an entirely stand-alone product as it covers all the important aspects we cover on the webinar but in an immediately accessible format. This product is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD so after purchase you should be taken to the download screen, if not, you will receive from us an email confirming your payment where you can click a link to download this handbook.



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