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We are completely dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of physiotherapy education. Our webinars are carefully created by us, a team of doctors, surgeons and specialist physiotherapists who work full-time in the NHS. We can give you the up to date knowledge and skills you need to feel confident about all aspects of physiotherapy from pre-clinical to clinical musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, neurology, respiratory and inpatients. 

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All of our webinars are premium quality. We provide many for FREE as part of our commitment to you in providing accessible high quality physiotherapy education. 

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With our free webinars for a small fee you can purchase a personalised CPD certificate and a detailed handout/workbook to consolidate your knowledge. These are provided free with our paid webinars.

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ALL our webinars can be rewatched. Free webinars have unlimited access for 72 hours and our paid webinars for 1 week. So even if you can't make it to the live event you'll never miss out!

Monday 7th December 2020

In this webinar Khalid will take you through everything you need to understand to take an effective and focussed subjective assessment of your patient. 85% of diagnoses can be made from the subjective assessment alone so knowing how to approach this, the right questions to ask and how to exclude red flag symptoms are key to building a solid foundation in differential diagnosis within the musculoskeletal assessment.

This Webinar is £4.99

Thursday 10th December 2020

In this live 3D anatomy tutorial Dr. Jack will guide you through the anatomy of the brain. We will go through the various lobes and functions in a simple visual process to give you an introduction to neuroanatomy and make this daunting subject easy to understand.

This Webinar is FREE

Monday 14th December 2020

How do you plan the when and how to discharge a patient from physiotherapy care on the hospital wards? In this tutorial Beth will explain how to accurately assess and plan for an effective inpatient discharge. If you know the end-stage goals and how to plan these for patients you will be better placed to design their rehabilitation and ensure their discharge is safe and efficient. Improving your understanding in this area will greatly help you for the next time you walk out on the hospital wards.

This Webinar is FREE

Thursday 17th December 2020

How confident are you in diagnosing a stroke, how to assess and apply the history and examination findings to both the anatomy and type of stroke. How would you then go about rehabilitating a patient who has had a stroke? If any of those areas sound like they will be of benefit then our specialist neuro-physio Liv will take you through every key concept you need to understand as a physiotherapist in this area. By the end you will feel much more comfortable in approaching a patient who has suffered a stroke.

This Webinar is £4.99

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Yes absolutely! As long as you registered for the webinar before the date/time we presented it live you can access the webinar. On free webinars we provide access for 72 hours. On paid webinars we provide access for 1 week. 

If you did not register/ are beyond this time frame then we can still provide you with private access but this will cost £4.99 for free webinars and £9.99 for paid webinars to reflect costs we will incur in providing these webinars for your private viewing. If you want to do this for any of our webinars please contact us at:

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All available certificates and handouts can be found on our shop (just look in the menu options above).

On our paid webinars you will be able to download a handout when you are on the webinar room, we will send personalised certificates out 1 week after the paid webinars to give everyone a chance who wants to watch the webinar to do so (your attendance is recorded and then we will individually create personalised certificates for each person who watched the webinar).

No problem! Just email us at Let us know what the problem is and we will always work as quickly as we can to solve this for you!

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