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Our weekly webinars are built for students and qualified physiotherapists to provide you with the most effective, efficient and detailed tutorials in an easily accessible format.

We are completely dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of physiotherapy education. Our webinars are carefully created by us, a team of doctors, surgeons and specialist physiotherapists who excel in their respective fields. We can give you the up to date knowledge and skills you need to feel confident about all aspects of physiotherapy from pre-clinical to clinical musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, neurology, respiratory and inpatients. 

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CPD Accreditation

Our webinars meet the CPD standards and are accepted as evidence of Continuing Professional Development by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) in the UK and many other registration bodies around the world.

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All of our webinars are premium quality. We provide many for FREE as part of our commitment to you in providing accessible high quality physiotherapy education. 

Certificates & Handbooks

With our free webinars for a small fee you can purchase a personalised CPD certificate and a detailed handout/workbook to consolidate your knowledge. These are provided free with our paid webinars.

Replay Webinars

ALL our webinars can be rewatched. Free webinars have unlimited access for 72 hours and our paid webinars for 1 week. So even if you can't make it to the live event you'll never miss out!

Weds 8th May 2024 | 7:30pm GMT

The Shoulder Anatomy BootCamp from Clinical Physio is a Set of 4 Tutorials covering a different aspect of Shoulder Anatomy. Each tutorial will utilise our incredible 3D Anatomy Model to showcase the anatomy in clear detail, with our expert panel explaining how the anatomy links to Physiotherapy and the most important clinical conditions. If you want to improve your anatomy knowledge, this course is a MUST!

Monday 15th April: Bones
Monday 22nd April: Joints and Ligaments
Wednesday 1st May: Muscles and Bursae
Wednesday 8th May: Nerve and Blood Supply

Ordering this webinar will give you access to ALL the Live Tutorials, including a Personalised Certificate, Detailed Handbook and a FOREVER access to the On-Demand tutorials in your account on Clinical Physio.

The Whole Course Costs £19.99.

Mon 20th May 2024 | 7:30pm GMT

One of the biggest phenomenon’s affecting physiotherapists at all stages of their career! In this webinar, join Khalid as he dives into what imposter syndrome is all about, and why we feel like this is something we get affected by when we feel out of our depth. Khalid will then go through strategies on how to tackle this feeling and allow you to build your confidence with the elements of your physio practice you feel you are struggling with. A great webinar for any physiotherapist feeling like they are struggling with imposter syndrome.

Ordering this webinar will give you access to the Live Webinar, including a Free Personalised Certificate and a Free 72 Hour Replay Access.

This Webinar is Totally FREE to Attend!

Thurs 23rd May 2024 | 7:30pm GMT

We are delighted to be joined by Specialist Physiotherapist Nikki Porteous, as she guides us through the use of Mirror Therapy and Graded Motor Imagery. As a physiotherapist specialising in treating patients with limb amputation, Nikki will be on hand to explain the mechanisms behind these therapies and how we can use them to help patients with disorders including phantom limb pain, chronic pain and even neurological conditions such as stroke. An excellent opportunity to boost your knowledge and application of this intervention!

Ordering this webinar will give you access to the Live Webinar, including a Personalised Certificate, Detailed Handbook and a 7 Day Replay Access

This Webinar Costs £4.99

Thurs 30th May 2024 | 7:30pm GMT

There are many inflammatory markers and as Physiotherapy roles expand, it is more important than ever to understand what tests there are, how to interpret them, what are their strengths, limitations and be able to integrate this into your clinical assessment. In this tutorial Dr Jack will guide you through blood test markers of inflammation and how to integrate this in to your overall clinical examination, to discriminate between inflammatory and non-inflammatory musculoskeletal conditions. Take your understanding and diagnostic skills to the next level!

Ordering this webinar will give you access to the Live Webinar, including a Personalised Certificate, Detailed Handbook and a 7 Day Replay Access

This Webinar Costs £4.99

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