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Our weekly webinars are built for students and qualified physiotherapists to provide you with the most effective, efficient and detailed tutorials in an easily accessible format.

We are completely dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of physiotherapy education. Our webinars are carefully created by us, a team of doctors, surgeons and specialist physiotherapists who work full-time in the NHS. We can give you the up to date knowledge and skills you need to feel confident about all aspects of physiotherapy from pre-clinical to clinical musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, neurology, respiratory and inpatients. 

CPD Accreditation

Our webinars meet the CPD standards and are accepted as evidence of Continuing Professional Development by the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) in the UK and many other registration bodies around the world.

Premium Webinar

All of our webinars are premium quality. We provide many for FREE as part of our commitment to you in providing accessible high quality physiotherapy education. 

Certificates & Handbooks

With our free webinars for a small fee you can purchase a personalised CPD certificate and a detailed handout/workbook to consolidate your knowledge. These are provided free with our paid webinars.

Replay Webinars

ALL our webinars can be rewatched. Free webinars have unlimited access for 72 hours and our paid webinars for 1 week. So even if you can't make it to the live event you'll never miss out!

Thurs 19th August 2021

Join Dr Jack as he breaks down all the key medications that Physiotherapists need to know regardless of whether you are working in an inpatient, outpatient or community setting. In particular, this webinar will help you identify which drugs are prescribed for certain conditions, so that it helps you piece together the Past Medical or Current Medical situation facing your patient. This can be crucial in differential diagnosis, as well as interpreting and understanding the symptoms your patient is presenting with.

This webinar is COMPLETELY FREE to attend and comes with a 3 Day Replay included.

(If you do not receive email confirmation within 30 minutes, please send us an email at [email protected])

Mon 4th Oct 2021

Shoulder Specialist Physiotherapist Marie is perfectly placed to take you through the A-Z of Surgeries for the Shoulder Joint! Marie will start by guiding you through common shoulder conditions which may be treated with surgery such as Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder Instability and Rotator Cuff Tears to name a few, including Key Signs that would indicate that surgery could be a suitable option for your patient.

She will then describe the key surgeries that you need to know about, as well as the important rehab factors that need to be considered for each surgery based on the complexities of the procedure. This promises to be a great talk for anyone interested in the Gleno-Humeral Joint!

Ordering this webinar will give you access to the Live Webinar, including a Personalised Certificate, Detailed Handbook and a 7 Day Replay Access.

This webinar costs £4.99.

Weds 6th Oct 2021

We know that working on ICU is a daunting task for any healthcare professional. This superb webinar from our Respiratory Specialist Katy absolutely focusses on giving you the most essential knowledge for working in an Intensive Care Environment. Katy will be leading you through lots of vital theory including Ventilator Settings, Non-Invasive Ventilation Methods, Different Observations including the ICU Obs Chart, ICU Drugs, Assessment Principles, Treatment Options and much more!

Katy's webinar will absolutely give you much more confidence walking onto the Intensive Care Unit!

Ordering this webinar will give you access to the Live Webinar, including a Personalised Certificate, Detailed Handbook and a 7 Day Replay Access.

This webinar costs £4.99

Mon 11th Oct 2021

It is an absolute pleasure to be able to invite The LD Physio himself, Alistair Beverley, to deliver a webinar all about Learning Disabilities. We know that Alistair is in a fantastic position to be able to improve your confidence in working with this patient group, by giving you his top tips for success.

Any healthcare professional in any environment may be treating a patient with Learning Disabilities at a point in their career. As a result, we hope this webinar will help you for when the time comes!

This Webinar is COMPLETELY FREE to attend and comes with a 72 Hour Replay!

(if you do not receive your email confirmation 30 minutes after registering, please email us at [email protected])

Thurs 12th August 2021

As a Respiratory Specialist Physiotherapist, Katy will be perfectly placed to talk about some of the key things to think about when you will be working on a Surgical Ward. Katy will be able to take you through some of the most common surgeries you will see and how to manage your ward list with so many surgical patients on it.

She will then be explaining some of the key assessment and treatment principles when working on a Surgical Ward, including how important factors such as pain, mobilisation and goal setting impact your patient's rehabilitation.

Ordering this webinar will give you access to the Live Webinar, including a Personalised Certificate, Detailed Handbook and a 7 Day Replay Access.

This webinar costs £4.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up to our webinars you should receive an email confirming your registration and providing your personal link to the webinar room. If you do not receive this within 30 minutes, first have a look in your spam, junk, social & promotions boxes just in case it has gone in one of these. If it is not there just email us at: [email protected] and we will happily sort this for you!

Yes absolutely! As long as you registered for the webinar before the date/time we presented it live you can access the webinar. The same link that we send for the Live Webinar will also work for accessing the replay. Each of our free webinars comes with a 72 Hour Replay, and each of our Premium Paid Webinars comes with a 7 Day Replay.

Yes you can! When you go through to the PayPal checkout underneath “log in” there is a button to check out as a guest with a debit/credit card. Any issues just let us know we will be happy to help!

All available certificates and handouts can be found on our shop (just look in the menu options above).

On our paid webinars you will be able to download a handout when you are on the webinar room, we will send personalised certificates out 1 week after the paid webinars to give everyone a chance who wants to watch the webinar to do so (your attendance is recorded and then we will individually create personalised certificates for each person who watched the webinar).

No problem! Just email us at [email protected] Let us know what the problem is and we will always work as quickly as we can to solve this for you!

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