Applying to Study Physiotherapy


Applying to Physiotherapy is a 4 hour Online Course run by Jodie Bryant. She is a Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist AND Senior Lecturer at Birmingham University. If you want to consider a future career in Physiotherapy and studying in the UK, This Is The Course For You!

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Applying to Study Physiotherapy is lead by Jodie Bryant. She is exceptionally experienced as both a clinical expert in Respiratory Physiotherapy AND a Senior Lecturer at Birmingham City University, England. She has a wealth of clinical expertise alongside her career as a lecturer and is on admissions boards for Physiotherapy undergraduate and masters degree programmes. She knows exactly what you need to know to create and be successful in your application to study physiotherapy. This course was developed with our team of clinical experts to ensure it is accurate, detailed and efficient at providing you the support and guidance you need to get into a UK based Physiotherapy Degree programme. There is nothing else like this available, we know what it takes to get into Physiotherapy, this is all you need to know. We are truly passionate about building the very best applicants and exceptional physiotherapists


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