How To Become A Sports Physiotherapist Course


This fantastic course is perfect for anyone who wants to become a Sports Physiotherapist which is led by Brad Scanes, Performance Coach and Physiotherapist for 2 time F1 World Champion Max Verstappen, having also worked in Professional Football, Professional Basketball and with Olympic Gold Great British Gymnasts too. Brad will take you through all his story including the decisions he took along the way to help you make your decisions for your journey, with expert advice on CV writing, Interview Technique and Brilliant Example Answers for Sports Interview Questions!

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If you are a Physiotherapist or training to be one and considering a future career in Sports Physiotherapy then this is the course for you! Brad Scanes is a World-Class Sports Physiotherapist who has been working within the field of professional sports for over a decade. He has worked within many different sports and with famous sportsmen and sportswomen. Right now he is at the peak… he is Max Verstappen’s personal Physiotherapist and Performance Coach. If you want to know HOW to get into Sports Physiotherapist and the WAY to reach the very top and STAY there, then Brad Scanes is the person to guide you on this journey. In this 2 hour course he will take you through absolutely everything you need to know to get into and build an extremely successful career as a Sports Physiotherapist.


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