Interpreting Medical Observations On-Demand Webinar

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With this On-Demand Webinar you get: LIFETIME ACCESS, HANDBOOK & CERTIFICATE.

Join Dr Jack in this live webinar as he takes you through all of the vital medical observations that you will see working as an inpatient physiotherapist. This will be of great benefit to anyone working in a Respiratory, ITU, Neurology, Elderly Care, Rehabilitation or Community setting, as these observations are analysed every day in these environments!

Dr Jack will also be taking you through 10 case studies where you can see the different observations being analysed, and how these observations change for patients with different medical conditions.

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Interpreting Medical Observations On-Demand Webinar. Purchase of this will give you forever access on Clinical Physio and a detailed handbook alongside a personalised certificate on completion.


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2 reviews for Interpreting Medical Observations On-Demand Webinar

  1. Katie M

    Such a great and simple breakdown of all the key things we need to know – Perfect for Students and Junior Physios

  2. Nicole Ruiz

    I completed this webinar a while back and still use my notes to this day. Easy to follow breakdown of the medical obs we see on the ward. Jack was able to filter the information so we only receive the information that is relevant to our field – an element that can be difficult when researching independently.
    Thank you!

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