Parkinson’s Disease On-Demand Webinar

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With this Parkinson’s Disease On-Demand Webinar you get: LIFETIME ACCESS, HANDBOOK & CERTIFICATE.

In this webinar, our Specialist Neuro Physio Liv will be taking you through all the key facets of this common neurological condition. After discussing the background behind the Pathology, Liv will be discussing the key symptoms you will see time and time again with these patients such as tremors, speech changes and gait alterations. Finally, Liv will guide you through the most valuable ways in which physiotherapists can help and treat these patients, so that you feel more confident in every aspect of care for patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

This webinar will be an excellent learning tool for anyone interested in the topic who is embarking in an upcoming Rotation or Placement in Neurology.

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Parkinson’s Disease On-Demand Webinar: Purchase of this will give you forever access on Clinical Physio and a detailed handbook alongside a personalised certificate on completion.


1 review for Parkinson’s Disease On-Demand Webinar

  1. Rachana Bhuvaneshwar Dalvi

    Liv is just brilliant. I love the way she presents information in the handbook and her explanations. This was a good revision and also some precious addition to my knowledge. I really enjoyed this webinar and will be looking forward to attending upcoming ones.Well done.

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