Shoulder Anatomy BootCamp LIVE


The Shoulder Anatomy BootCamp from Clinical Physio is a Set of 4 Tutorials covering a different aspect of Shoulder Anatomy. Each tutorial will utilise our incredible 3D Anatomy Model to showcase the anatomy in clear detail, with our expert panel explaining how the anatomy links to Physiotherapy and the most important clinical conditions. If you want to improve your anatomy knowledge, this course is a MUST!

Each Tutorial comes with a Personalised Certificate, Handbook detailing all the notes from the Knee Anatomy BootCamp and Unlimited Replay Access.

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Shoulder Anatomy BootCamp LIVE Tutorials with Mr Ray Chari, Khalid Maidan and Dr. Jack Hurley: Mondays in April and Wednesdays in May 2024 at 7:30 PM:

  • Mon 15th April Lesson 1: Bones
  • Mon 22nd April- Lesson 2: Joints and Ligaments
  • Wed 1st May Lesson 3: Muscles and Bursae
  • Wed 8th May- Lesson 4: Blood and Nerve Supply

Alongside the LIVE tutorials, Purchase of this course will provide you with FOREVER access to the tutorials in your profile on Clinical Physio alongside the detailed and illustrated handbook.



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