Shoulder Differential Diagnosis On-Demand Webinar

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With this Shoulder Differential Diagnosis On-Demand Webinar you get: LIFETIME ACCESS, HANDBOOK & CERTIFICATE.

Specialist Physiotherapists Khalid Maidan and Marie Welch will take you through how to examine and diagnose a variety of Shoulder Conditions in clinical practice. This will improve your ability to correctly identify common clinical conditions affecting the shoulder during your clinical practice and how to differentiate between the different signs and symptoms that each condition presents with, so that you can complete your assessment with much more focus. By the end of this webinar you will feel much more confident in determining the differences between pathologies to help your assessment and diagnosis skills.

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Shoulder Differential Diagnosis On-Demand Webinar. Purchase of this will give you forever access on Clinical Physio and a detailed handbook alongside a personalised certificate on completion.


3 reviews for Shoulder Differential Diagnosis On-Demand Webinar

  1. Katie M (verified owner)

    SO GOOD! Incredibly breaks down all the major conditions, and I genuinely feel so much more comfortable with which signs to look for for each condition

  2. Nanda hirani

    Such a good break down of the different conditions you could come across, as always it was highly informative and really useful

  3. Sian Warner

    What I love most about all the clinical physio webinars I’ve joined is they break it down. The shoulder can be hard to get your head around and after studying the shoulder at uni I found this webinar really useful to put it all together. Thanks so much again 🙂

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