Spinal Cord Injuries On-Demand Webinar

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With this Spinal Cord Injuries On-Demand Webinar you get: LIFETIME ACCESS, HANDBOOK & CERTIFICATE.

Our Specialist Neuro Physio Liv is perfectly placed to bring you this webinar on Spinal Cord Injuries! Liv will be discussing some of the common presentations that you may find for these patients, as well as some of the key assessment tools that need to be covered. She will then be covering the key element of this webinar which will be analysing the symptoms that these patients may commonly present before highlighting some of the most common treatments and rehab tips.

This webinar will be an excellent learning tool for anyone interested in the topic who is embarking in an upcoming Rotation or Placement in Neurology.

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Spinal Cord Injuries On-Demand Webinar: Purchase of this will give you forever access on Clinical Physio and a detailed handbook alongside a personalised certificate on completion.


1 review for Spinal Cord Injuries On-Demand Webinar

  1. Katie M

    So helpful! Thank you!

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